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This page is intended to provide individuals with general information pertaining to protecting your home with smoke alarms.

Home is where the heart is. It is also a refuge from the world around us, a place where we can feel safe. However, disasters can happen in your home, and it is vital to prepare yourself in order to avoid the worst. Fires caused by faulty wiring, candles, cooking, falling asleep while smoking, and other such accidents can occur at anytime. Investigation into home fires often reveals that smoke alarms could have saved lives but didn’t because they weren’t functioning properly. They were either disconnected or the batteries were dead or taken out. In most cases, smoke on its own will not wake you up; it is therefore crucial to have properly functioning smoke alarms in order to protect yourself, your loved ones and your home from fire and/or smoke inhalation.

Smoke Alarm Facts that Save Lives
Smoke AlarmTo properly protect yourself and your home from fire, it is vital to have a smoke alarm on all levels of your dwelling, as well as near all sleeping areas. This includes all homes, condos and apartments. Testing your smoke alarm by pushing the test button monthly is important; however, once a year, a more intense test should be performed with a source that produces actual smoke to test its effectiveness. This can be done with incense, cigarettes, or smoke from a candle wick or other form of cotton string. If the smoke alarm is battery powered and does not sound off, replace the battery immediately. If it is connected to your home via electronic circuitry, check the fuses without delay. If the unit persists in malfunctioning, replace the entire unit. Caution can save lives.

Be sure your family recognizes the sound of your smoke alarms. Also be sure they are aware of measures to exit each room (2 exit methods are recommended). Practice fire drills regularly, and arrange a meeting place outside so attendance can be taken. If your home is on fire, use a local phone to call fire department officials. Never re-enter your home until authorities deem it safe.

Important Tips to Ensure Proper Function

  • Replace all batteries in each unit yearly, or when the “low-battery” beep is heard (intermittent beeping sound). Rechargeable batteries are not recommended as they can lose power without issuing a low battery signal.
  • Smoke alarms, whether battery powered or electronically powered, do not last forever. Replace each smoke alarm every 5 years to ensure the utmost protection.

Being able to trust the equipment that protects you while you sleep is important. Smoke alarms should be purchased from a reliable establishment. Dollar stores or convenient stores are not a place to buy these items. Companies such as: Firex, Kidde, and Lifesaver are recommended brands that ensure the utmost in home safety and fire prevention. Keep your loved ones and your home safe with a smoke alarm. Preparation and prevention can be your key to a good night’s sleep.



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