Fire Extinguisher : 101

Fire Extinguisher : 101

How to Buy a Fire Extinguisher in Three Easy Steps

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This page is intended to provide individuals with general information about how to buy a fire extinguisher.

Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher is essential, but knowing how to buy a fire extinguisher is just as important. This equipment not only stops flames in their tracks but can also save lives and reduce property damage. One would hope to never have to use a fire extinguisher, but having one or several at hand is vital to our safety.

Fire ExtinguishersThe steps on how to buy a fire extinguisher are simple, and being well-informed renders the task even easier.

Step 1 – Decide which type of fire extinguisher you need
Most residential buildings are equipped with an extinguisher rated for use with Class A fires, that is, flames that burn common combustibles such as paper and wood. However, for a higher level of safety, homeowners often purchase extinguishers that have a combination rating – they can be used for Class B fires (grease and oil) or even Class C fires (electrical).

Since every class of fire burns different fuels, they also require different chemicals and substances to be extinguished. Class B equipment usually releases dry ice to douse the flames, whereas other classes use chemical powders or foam. Be sure that the fire extinguisher you choose is rated for all of the potential dangers existing in the area where it will be installed.

You should also pay attention to the effectiveness of the extinguisher. Labels display the rating given by the Underwriters Laboratory, which typically indicates the effectiveness of the extinguisher against particular classes of fire. For instance, a model rated 2-A will be less effective than a model rated 3-A. These ratings are assigned regardless of the extinguishing agent and size of the model.

Extinguisher size is measured in pounds. Small areas, such as a vehicle, can be fitted with a 2 or 4lb model, while an average home should have a 6 to 10lb extinguisher on each floor.

Step 2 – Consider other features of fire extinguishers
Several other features of this equipment should be taken into account such as the mounting hardware, various methods of refilling or recharging, and the extent of instructions for use.

Since local retailers usually have a limited selection of fire extinguishers on the shelf, you should browse through the selection online in order to better compare design and features. You might discover manufacturers who provide more specific instructions, including how to buy a fire extinguisher for your car or boat. The extensive resources and choice of products to be found on the internet make online retailers and manufacturers’ websites the ideal go-to location for purchasing fire extinguishing equipment.

Step 3 – Buy a fire extinguisher online
Shopping online for this essential safety equipment is not just simple and easy, but also likely to be the most affordable way to purchase extinguishers. Online retailers offer a variety of brands, sizes and class ratings (in most cases, more than most stores are able to stock), providing you with a good selection and a range of manufacturers. You should also be able to find equipment of various sizes, allowing you to equip every area in your home and your vehicles. Shipping costs are generally reasonable, and the product is channeled through reliable couriers.

Knowing how to buy a fire extinguisher is important for homeowners, vehicle owners and business managers or maintenance staff. Do not hesitate – install fire extinguishers so as to protect your home or building against potential fire disasters.



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